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    2 days ago About us. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte BfArM is an independent federal higher authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Health. At the BfArM roughly 1 250 employees physicians pharmacists chemists biologists lawyers engineers technical assistants administrative staff etc. are involved in

  • Medical Device Operating System RTOS Pre Certified for

    Device failure is not an option when you are designing a life saving medical device. Unfortunately you can’t schedule or prioritize critical functions in a monolithic kernel OS and a problem with a driver or application can crash the whole system reducing reliability and potentially creating a life threatening situation.

  • Policy on Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

    Pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturers should not be provided with e mail lists or address lists of WUSM physicians health professionals students trainees residents or staff. 5 Vendor sales representatives may not interact with students residents and other trainees on Washington University Medical Center premises without faculty presence.

  • Halal Registration in Indonesia for Medical Devices Drugs

    PP JPH has been signed by the President on 29 April 2019 and promulgated on 3 May 2019. However the PP copy has not yet been published waiting for a government press release. The contents of the PP are more general regarding cross ministerial and institutional cooperation LPH international cooperation etc. The technical rules for halal implementation will be regulated in the Minister of

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    Indonesia removes import duty for some Covid 19 related medical devices July 19 2021 Thailand’s medical sector attracts x100 times more investment in Q1 2021 than in 2020

  • Bexson Biomedical aims to extend its wearable drug

    Bexson is developing a wearable infusion pump with Stevanato Group. Image from Bexson Bexson Biomedical announced today that it launched an R D initiative to develop subcutaneous formulations of psychoactive therapeutics.. Santa Barbara Calif. based Bexson’s effort will apply its existing subcutaneous formulation technology to build several psychoactive drug scaffolds for treating

  • Drug Registration in Malaysia Thailand other Asia markets

    The Thai FDA TFDA one of several agencies under the Ministry of Public Health MPH is the regulatory body administering drugs in Thailand. The Drug Control Division of the TFDA is responsible for registration licensing surveillance inspection and adverse event monitoring for all pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies in Thailand.

  • Patent protection strategiesPubMed Central PMC

    Patent protection and the market exclusivity that comes with it help to ensure a return on investment. A patent holder has the right to exclude others from making using and selling the patented invention for a defined period. Therefore patented drugs are temporarily safe from the competition of generics often resulting in substantial revenues.

  • PT PHC IndonesiaPHC Holdings Corporation

    PT PHC Indonesia PHCI promotes environmental protection activities in order to achieve continual harmony between environmental protection activities and business management in compliance with the standard environmental management policies of PHC Corporation.

  • Express Preemption of Consumer Protection Actions

    Express Preemption of Consumer Protection Actions Preventing a Patchwork of State Drug and Device Regulations. Charles Byrd. non prescription drugs medical devices

  • ASEAN Medical Device Pharmaceutical Regulations

    Indonesia Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Regulations. The National Agency of Drug and Food Control NA DFC is responsible for the supervision of drugs and medical devices in Indonesia. While Indonesia has no specific regulations for medical devices it has implemented global quality norms such as ISO 13485 in an attempt to harmonize its

  • PT. Binabakti Niaga Perkasa

    PT BINABAKTI NIAGAPERKASA. Established in 1989 PT Binabakti Niagaperkasa is the leading distributor of a wide range of quality medical supplies to the Indonesian healthcare industry. We supply private and public sectors in Indonesia nationwide. Our broad selection of medical equipments products covers respiratory care neonatal care home

  • Healthcare Resource Guide Malaysia

    In 2018 the total trade for Malaysia’s medical device industry was USD 2.47 billion and it imported USD 7 250 million of medical devices. U.S. products represented 24.6 percent of the import market and the U.S. was the top exporting country of medical devices to Malaysia in the same year.

  • Regulatory Consulting Services Cambodia DDF Drugs

    Overview The rapid economic growth coupled with domination of imported pharmaceuticals makes Cambodia a lucrative destination for foreign medicine and medical device manufacturers to invest in the region. The Ministry of Health Cambodia and Department of Drugs and Food DDF oversees the drug regulations and registrations in the region. However to navigate the Cambodian Regulatory regime

  • Guidelines for Safe Disposal of Unwanted

    R.C.F. Gray Department of Essential Drugs and Other Medicines WHO H.V. Hogerzeil Department of Essential Drugs and Other Medicines WHO A.M. Prüss Department of Protection of the Human Environment WHO P. Rushbrook WHO European Centre for Environment and Health Rome Division First edition 1999

  • Vaccines stay effective in reducing symptoms in Delta hit

    The COVID 19 cases in Indonesia rose by 13 668 within one day to 2 018 113 with the death toll adding by 335 to 55 291 the Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday citing Indonesian Health

  • Incident reporting for medical devices Guidance document

    agreements and documents to promote a harmonized approach to medical device regulation around the world. One of the study groups within the GHTF has produced a document entitled Medical Devices Post Market Surveillance Global Guidance for Adverse Event Reporting for Medical Devices N54 which sets out criteria for adverse event reporting.

  • Government Protected ‘Monopolies’ Drive Drug Prices

    The most important factor that drives prescription drug prices higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world is the existence of government protected monopoly rights for

  • Regulatory Pricing and Reimbursement Indonesia

    The key facts about regulatory pricing and reimbursement of drugs in Indonesia. Prepared in association with ABNR a leading global law firm this is an extract from The Pharma Legal Handbook Indonesia available to purchase here for USD 99.. 1. What are the regulatory authorities with jurisdiction over drugs biologicals and medical devices in your country

  • Health Indonesia U.S. Agency for International

    Health security is a global priority particularly when infectious disease knows no borders. Under the U.S. Indonesia Strategic Partnership the United States and Indonesia collaborate to strengthen health systems and increase Indonesia’s self reliance in preventing detecting and responding to global health challenges. These joint efforts increase security and prosperity

  • Morulaa Medical Product Approval and Distributor

    Morulaa is a turnkey solution provider with an in house regulatory team to conduct registrations of medical device IVDs cosmetics drugs Form 41 Form 43 in India by following CDSCO. On completing the CDSCO regulation requirements our marketing team gets involved in the Distributor Selection process. Our regulatory and marketing teams work

  • Committee for Protection of Human Subjects University

    means any drug including a biological product for human use medical device for human use human food additive color additive electronic product or any other article subject to regulation under the act or under sections 351 and F of the Public Health Service Act 42 U.S.C. 262 and 263b 263n . 4. A

  • Volume 1933 2nd Biomedical Engineering’s Recent

    Volume 1933 is the proceedings of International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering ISBE 2017 25 –26 July 2017 Bali Indonesia

  • 14. Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Privacy Shield

    Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are allowed to provide personal data from clinical trials conducted in the EU to regulators in the United States for regulatory and supervision purposes. Similar transfers are allowed to parties other than regulators such as company locations and other researchers consistent with the Principles of

  • Asia Medical Device Pharmaceutical ConsultingPacific

    Pacific Bridge Medical has 30 years of experience with business development and regulatory affairs in the Asia markets. We focus only on Asia and we know it well. Our consulting services can help at any stage of your business with everything from distributor search sourcing and market research to regulatory strategy product registration

  • Medical Devices Drugs Sidelined in Anti Kickback

    The exclusion for drug and medical equipment manufacturers may not be permanent. The HHS wants to study the issue and figure out which types of devices drugs or companies should get an exemption. The device industry officials say they expect to get some type of safe harbor in the final rule.

  • Drugs and Devices Comparison of European and U.S

    The Federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1938 subsequently invested the agency with more rigorous powers to ensure that drugs were not only effective but safe and the FDA was ultimately given authority to regulate medical devices in 1976 through legislation that was later amended in the Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act

  • MedgadgetMedical Technology News

    The Hearing Protection Devices Market Share is expected to be worth US 4 900 Million at a CAGR of 12.4 from 2019 to 2029. Interview with CEO of Koya Medical Anti Restenotic Drug Delivery

  • Taiwan Medical Device Regulations TÜV SÜD

    Taiwan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Act regulates both pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Under the provisions of the Act medical device manufacturers seeking access to the Taiwan market must obtain a license for the manufacture or selling of medical devices and have their devices reviewed and approved by the Taiwan Food and Drug

  • Indonesia Imports 50m Worth of Medical Supplies as

    Jakarta. Indonesia has spent Rp 777.59 billion or 50 million on imported medical supplies since the coronavirus outbreak began in earnest in the country early last month and more imports are now being planned as the number of cases continues to grow.. The outbreak related imports are dominated by face masks which have totaled 17.1 million units the director general of Customs and

  • Drug Laws in Indonesia Drugs in Indo BaliSpirit

    In Indonesia cannabis was banned in 1927 in the Dutch colonial period and those old laws are still in place today. In fact ALL derivatives of medical or recreational cannabis in Bali hemp CBD THC hash edibles are considered just as bad as class 1 and 2

  • Drug and medical device product failures and the stability

    Of the 195 drug recalls 166 85.1 were categorized as a quality issue whereas all but 2 32 94.1 of the medical device recalls fell under this category Table 1 . This meant that most of the recalls for both drugs and devices were because of product quality issues.

  • Medical Devices Drugs Sidelined in Anti Kickback

    The exclusion for drug and medical equipment manufacturers may not be permanent. The HHS wants to study the issue and figure out which types of devices drugs or companies should get an exemption. The device industry officials say they expect to get some type of safe harbor in the final rule.


    a an adverse event is associated with a medical device happened and in such that if it occurred again it might lead to death or serious deterioration in health or b testing examination of the medical device information supplied with the medical device

  • Protection from Unsafe Drugs but Not Medical Devices

    Protection from Unsafe Drugs but Not Medical Devices 03/06/2009 08 58 am ET Updated May 25 2011. Americans won a Supreme Court victory this week that underscored the urgent need for Congress to pass the Medical Device Safety Act that was introduced in both the House and Senate yesterday. It’s a good news bad news storyand I’ll

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    3. How much is the registration fee for a medical device in Indonesia Official guidance on fees for the processing of a Class I A is US 115 IDR1 500 000 . For Class II A B and II B C the fee is US 230 IDR3 000 000 . Class III D is processed for a fee of US 340 IDR5 000 000 . 4. Who can distribute medical devices and supplies in